The Language of Learning

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young.”

Mark Twain

Learning to blog is like learning a new skill. A new language.

I am more creative than technical. I’d rather write a poem on the philosophy of paradise than picking the right theme for my website. Or drawing traffic to my blog.

Learning the technical terms is more difficult than the Russian language. And I’ve studied eight years of it in school.

I get discouraged and drop learning the ABC of blogging for a few days. Then I get inspired either on my solitary walks in the neighborhood, or in the shower. It’s amazing what the hot water in the privacy of your bathroom along with a rested mind in the morning can do to your psyche. I jot it down as soon as I can and if I’m pleased with it, I consider sharing it with the world.

But then I face the blank screen. And the terror of technology paralyzes my fingers. I hear a cackle in the back of my mind and my cheeks flush in embarrassment. It’s the self-doubt creeping in, my loathsome companion. The shame of not being as good as other bloggers out there. Not being as elegant and sharp and mind-blowingly fluent in the language of blogging.

Then I tell myself that if I managed to learn Russian as a reluctant adolescent, I could learn anything at all as a diligent, mature forty-year old.

And keep my mind nimble as a bonus.

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